About Us

Our Company

Healing Truth Centerâ„¢ is committed to providing quality experiences that inspire, educate and empower. In addition to life-changing programs, services, books and live events, HealingTruthCenter.com serves as the online home for those ready to live up to the fullness of their potential in every aspect of life.

Our Founder

Shawna Marie is the Founder and CEO of Healing Truth Center. She created Healing Truth Center to fulfill her personal mission to empower souls worldwide to live up to the fullness of their potential in all aspects of life. 

A dynamic psychotherapist, life coach and motivational speaker, Shawna Marie passionately speaks about living in spiritual perspective, achieving financial freedom and cultivating healthy loving relationships. She is also the author of Prosperity NOW! and Only God.

Shawna Marie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters degree in Social Work from New York University. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Boston University in addition to ordinations from the Center for Holistic Living and the Church of the Holy Spirit United Divine Science Seminary.

Our Programs

Healing Truth Center offers intensive programs to support transformation in all areas of living. If someone is struggling in their relationships, stressed out, seeking clarity about their life purpose or looking to learn about spiritual principles and practices, we provide the tools necessary to facilitate a new and better experience in life.


Are you stressed? Is there an area of life that you would like to enhance and experience greater satisfaction? Our Life Programs will support you in fulfilling your life purpose with clarity, joy and ease.

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Are you healing from a heartbreak? Are you ready to experience a truly satisfying relationship? Our Love Programs are designed to support you in being, giving and receiving love.

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Is living spiritually and powerfully important to you? Are you seeking to strengthen your faith? Our Spirit Programs will enhance your understanding of spiritual principles and practices.

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