Shawna Marie Aarons-Cooke, LCSW-R

Shawna Marie Aarons-Cooke, LCSW-R is the Founder and CEO of Healing Truth Center™. A native New Yorker from Queens, she is first generation U.S. born of Jamaican parents. A student of life, Shawna Marie’s exposure to spiritual principles and practices began in early childhood. As early as 3 years old she recalls joining her grandfather in the middle of the night for candle meditations, yoga and readings from his vast collection of books by various philosophers and spiritual writers. These early experiences combined with her natural inquisitiveness led Shawna Marie to explore and appreciate different philosophical perspectives about life and spirituality.

Perhaps due to the types of meditations she was learning from her grandfather, Shawna Marie had a keen intuition, empathic abilities and at times would have both premonitions and prophetic dreams which she did not speak of during her childhood or adolescent years. As a teen she witnessed her grandfather use breathing techniques to reverse a stroke. When he fully regained control of his body he explained to her “you can control your entire body with your breath.” This experience sparked her interest and explorations into healing methods and yogi philosophy. After returning to New York from college at Boston University, in her 20s Shawna Marie was led to a spiritual teacher through a dream. She then began her conscious path of spiritual discovery and healing including studies in metaphysics, theosophy, theology, philosophy, psychology, meditation, prayer methods, energy healing, spiritual healing and more. After completing training as a spiritual healing practitioner she continued to study and train in ministry, while pursuing formal training in the field of mental health. Shawna Marie was ordained by the Center for Holistic Living in 2003 and by the Church of the Holy Spirit United Divine Science Seminary in 2006. In 2007 she completed her Masters degree in Social Work from New York University, with specialized training in clinical practice in mental health and psychiatric settings.

Shawna Marie created Healing Truth Center in 2007, the same year Shawna Marie embarked upon a full-time career as a psychotherapist in community mental health. In 2009 during what’s been referred to as a double-dip recession she wrote and published her first book Prosperity NOW! In 2010 Shawna Marie began blogging and podcasting. She produced the Living In Spiritual Perspective Show via podcast and live streaming video, with an accompanying blog. In 2011 she received her LCSW licensure as a Clinical Social Worker and completed her second book Only God. Over the years she’s been a featured speaker at spiritual centers, churches, and women’s events in addition to serving as In-House Therapist and Consultant for Chris ‘Kazi’ Rolle’s Together-Apart live relationship events. Shawna Marie has also done incredible work strengthening and expanding mental health clinics in lower Westchester County for a community based social services organization from 2013 to present. She has extensive experience training and supervising therapists and in mental health services administration.

Her intention for Healing Truth Center is facilitating insight for exceptional living through books, life coaching, individual counseling/psychotherapy, couples counseling and online programs. If someone is struggling in their relationships, stressed, seeking clarity about their life purpose or looking to learn about spiritual principles and practices, Healing Truth Center provides the tools necessary to facilitate new and better experiences in life. With Shawna Marie’s passion for supporting others to live in spiritual perspective, achieve financial freedom and cultivate healthy loving relationships, she’s developed Healing Truth Center’s signature programs: Opening to Spirit, Loving ME and My Prosperity NOW.

Besides snuggling up with a good book, Shawna Marie enjoys dancing (Hip Hop and Reggae/Rockers being her faves), listening to music (just about everything, especially classical), Winter Sports, serene beaches, sunsets, comedy, performing arts, travel, authenticity and courageous conversations. She studied abroad in Paris, France at L’école Française des Attachés de Presse, and although a little rusty, speaks conversational French. Despite living in Southern California, New Jersey, Boston, Paris, Staten Island, Harlem and currently in New Rochelle, NY for the last 10 years, she still proudly says “I’m from Queens!”

Shawna Marie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters degree in Social Work from New York University. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Boston University in addition to ordinations from the Center for Holistic Living and the Church of the Holy Spirit United Divine Science Seminary.