Private confidential customized support is available. Review your options and be sure to schedule a FREE initial consultation. Invest in you!

Initial Consultation –  30 to 60 minutes (FREE)

Connect with Shawna Marie by phone or video conference to learn about our confidential individual and couples services. Share your inspirations for seeking support at this time. Ask any questions you may have. Determine if Shawna Marie is a fit for your therapy or life coaching needs and how best to get started.

Life, Love & Spirit Session – 60 minutes; 90 minutes

Individualized counseling and life coaching in person, by video conference, or by phone (optional recording provided if requested) to support you in setting and achieving goals in one or more areas of your life: health, career, relationships, finances and spirituality.

My Prosperity NOW! Private Coaching – 3 Month Package

Individualized private coaching to support you in setting and achieving your financial goals. Weekly sessions with email support provided for a 3 month period.

Couples Counseling – 75 minutes or 6 Sessions Package (1 Free)

Assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship, set goals for couples counseling, and work to achieve those identified goals. Sessions will support you to get clarity in your relationship, strengthen your communication skills, address issues and concerns, and allow your relationship to evolve into its best form for the betterment of both of you, be it that you choose to remain a couple or to separate/divorce.

Diagnostic Assessment –  90 minutes

Complete a comprehensive assessment of all areas of your life. If there is a mental health and/or substance use diagnosis that best describes your current experiences and symptoms, detailed diagnostic information and education will be provided as well as a recommended plan for your care. If there is no diagnosis, rationale for this determination will be provided instead. (Not required for Couples Counseling nor Life, Love & Spirit Sessions.)

Individual Psychotherapy –  45-60 minutes; 90 minutes

Receive supportive spiritually integrated psychotherapy by video conference (factime or skype) or in person to address specific concerns and experiences in your life. Face and overcome fears. Address concerning behaviors, experiences, health and life stressors. Alleviate depression and anxiety. Heal through your divorce, breakup, recent loss and/or trauma(s). Note: A Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment is required before starting therapy.