“Healing Truth Center is a place where consciousness rules…

Shawna Marie is a modern day mystic. She teaches and practices the Omnipresence of God in and as all things. Her book “Only God” is a collection of writings that describe her journey and arrival in the understanding of oneness.

I met Shawna at an International New Thought Alliance Convention and we have stayed close throughout the years. During a most difficult time in my life as I was facing a tough challenge with my healthiness, Shawna was most supportive feeding me TRUTH at all times so that I could keep my focus and overcome the infirmity that was attempting to appear in my experience. She prayed, meditated and held the TRUTH in her consciousness about me and it manifested just as it is so by law.

Healing Truth Center is a place where consciousness rules. The consciousness of healing and well-being permeates the minister, participants and all who are touched in some way by the activities performed by the center. If you are one whose life is out of balance and somewhat off kilter, Healing Truth Center and Reverend Shawna Marie were brought to you by God for your restoration in this appropriate moment.

~ Reverend Doctor Robert I. Yarbrough (Reverend Bobby)

“Shawna Marie radiates LOVE…

Her mere presence uplifts us to a higher place, a space where we remember to connect with the God within each of us. She is a bright beam of light. We need her.”

~ Ruby Veridiano | RubyVeridiano.com

“Shawna Marie is a gifted teacher…

She embodies grace, style, intelligence and spiritual maturity. She is one of the few people who I seek for guidance and coaching when I need spiritual direction. I know that one conversation with her will leave me enlightened, inspired, and ready to walk in my greatness. If you’re thinking about working with Shawna, don’t hesitate! Do it. It will be a very wise investment!”

~ Derek Felton, America’s Student Mentor | DerekFelton.com

“Shawna Marie has a powerful magical energy that radiates to all whom she touches…

Although hard to place, the essence I believe she draws on include brilliance, honor, spirit, community, and growth. She wants us to each reach our highest potential, and guides us to our own greatness with ease and grace. I’ll roll with Shawna Marie to the ends of the earth–she is just that phenomenal!”

~ JLove Calderon – Author, Educator, Producer | JLoveCalderon.com
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“I have known Shawna Marie for more than a decade…

I am extremely honored to have the opportunity to endorse Shawna Marie. She is an exceptional person with great communication and leadership skills. Her ability to bring light and wisdom into every situation has been a pleasure to experience. She demonstrates empathy and compassion in all situations and and has added great value to my organization. Every initiative and project that she has been involved in has been much improved due to her brilliance and admirable work ethic. She has great vision and is innovative while being grounded and humble. Truly a rare combination of characteristics and gifts.”

~ Ted Bunch, Co-Founder/Co-Director of A Call To Men | ACallToMen.org

“What I love most about Shawna Marie is her unassuming brilliance…

Underneath the fact that she is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Masters degree in Social Work from New York University, and beyond the fact that she holds a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Boston University, she is also a gifted healer and motivational speaker. With a passion and focus unlike anything I’ve ever seen, Shawna Marie is committed to her community’s spiritual enlightenment and personal development. In everything she does she brings a level of care that sets her apart from all others.

I met Shawna Marie before she became an author and I have watched her, almost single-handedly, develop her platform in the world. As the founder of the Healing Truth Center, she also managed to write two books, maintain a blog, host and produce a radio show, master social media, and be a constant supporter of arts, cultural, and social justice initiatives in her community.

Shawna Marie is where the people are and she is where the healing is needed. Tirelessly and faithfully, she uses her God-given talents to enrich our lives. She reminds us that if we are here and present, despite the bland routine of daily living that can sometimes dull our senses, then we are indeed divinely blessed and that we should always look ahead with an open, grateful heart. In her teachings and in her works, we are reminded that a God-filled life can be cutting-edge, bold, sweet, and graceful all at once. I’m honored to count Shawna Marie as a friend and I love being inspired by her accomplishments. We are all better off because she has decided to let her light shine in the world.”

~ April R. Silver, Founder of President of Akila Worksongs, Inc. | AkilaWorksongs.com

“For the past four years, I have had the pleasure of working in partnership with Shawna Marie of Healing Truth Center and have benefited greatly from her knowledge and expertise as a life coach, spiritual counselor, and motivational speaker extraordinaire…

Shawna Marie has a deep love and passion for people and a relationship with Spirit that penetrates the heart and inspires others to get into action regarding the vision and purpose for their lives. Every interaction that I have with Shawna Marie, provides me with practical techniques to grow my business as well as tools to enhance and transform my interpersonal and professional relationships. Shawna Marie’s approach is direct, yet non-judgmental; informational, yet immediately applicable to my everyday life and; intellectually and spiritually innovative, yet wonderfully aligned with my beliefs and practices. Shawna Marie utilizes a combination of her professional and spiritual training to create an eclectic experience for her clientele that broadens their understanding of themselves and the world. I highly recommend Shawna Marie’s work and I fully endorse her as a powerful leader in ministry that is committed to transforming the current state of affairs in the world.”

~ Shawnee Benton-Gibson, Founder & Executive Director of The Griots Healing Circle

“Light, loving, joyful, blissful, healing, whimsical, and yet disciplined, definite, keen, surgical, tactfully, earthy, matter-of-fact practical, sharing just those perfect words you need for your Soul…

Have you ever wanted to just dive into the spirit of another, swim their mind, bathing in the benefits of their essence, dancing to the rhythm of their thoughts and feelings? You want to learn what they have learned or experience what they experience. You need clues to find your way home, a “Return to Self”, and you want to be pointed in the right the direction. After reading Only God, My first thoughts were, ‘She reminds me of Emma (Emma Curtis Hopkins that is)… Holy Buddha, she is a scientist.’ Words divine. Spiritual impressions jump off the page as only wisdom can, which has been lived through hard places. Every student needs a few great teachers. Allow Shawna Marie’s brilliance to help redirect you to your path. Be lit, catch afire, kindle, lean in, listen close, and your practice becomes like Jazz. Let the words lift, in the silent flow will come a revelation of your own golden keys and succeeding passion.”

~ Craig Stevenson

“I came to Shawna Marie about 3 years ago when I was at another low point in my life. More than being my counselor, Shawna Marie became my illuminated guide to a God that I desperately needed. Personally, I do believe that spirit led me to her and the Lord speaks to me through her.

Shawna Marie became my comforter, my refuge, and my source of strength. She faithfully counseled me on a weekly basis during an extremely difficult period. She helped me to discover a God within that could be trusted to love me unconditionally-at all times. As a result of her spiritual guidance, my world now encompasses God. I turn to the Christ within, most of the time, without hesitation. I prayerfully seek guidance in all my decisions. As a human being, my life is not perfect, but I am able to handle all adversity by praying, meditating, and reading God’s Word.

I am certain that I would not have progressed so quickly in my life, had it not been for Shawna Marie’s loving spirit & willingness to teach me about the presence of God. Under Shawna Marie’s care, beliefs about myself, my perception of God & life had changed drastically-for the better. Under any and all circumstances, I can always increase my awareness of & put my faith in a God of my understanding to make any crooked places smooth. I can just sit back, breathe, and realize with great comfort that “God’s Grace is sufficient unto Thee.” Shawna Marie, I thank you so much for being a wonderful presence in my life.”

~ Sunny Nelson