You deserve the absolute best in every aspect of your life!

Are you ready to finally feel at peace and completely satisfied with how you’re living?

Is your spiritual perspective clear and a strong foundation by which you live and thrive?

What about in love and relationships? Are you supported by happy mutually loving fulfilling relationships?

And your finances… are they all good or do you want to make significant progress towards your financial well-being?

Healing Truth Center supports transformation in all areas of living. If you’re struggling in your love life, stressed out, seeking clarity about your life purpose or looking to learn about spiritual principles and practices, Healing Truth Center programs provide the tools necessary to facilitate new and better experiences in life.

Contact Shawna Marie to schedule a free consultation to determine the best program for you.

My Prosperity NOW

If you’re ready to grow into your next level of financial freedom, enroll in the My Prosperity NOW program.

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Loving ME

The Loving ME program will ignite your love for YOU and raise the bar for how others love you, too!

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Opening To Spirit

Opening To Spirit is a great program for you if you’re ready to explore and develop your spirituality.

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