Shawna Marie

About Me

Hi! I’m on a mission to empower as many people as possible to live healthy happy lives that are exciting and fulfilling, despite the challenges, heartache and even traumas we may’ve experienced. Inspired by my own process of self-discovery and healing, as well as the many souls I’ve had the pleasure of working with as a psychotherapist for 16 years, I have a gift for igniting personal transformation and healing in others.

Healing, self-love, self-care and self-awareness are essential to those courageous enough to choose the path of exceptional living – health and wellness in all aspects of life, healthy loving connections and relationships, financial freedom, and a life of meaning and purpose, where we find joy in most moments as well as an ability to grow through anything and everything on our path.

There’s more, too! There are skills, tools and information that allow us to navigate life with grace. Many of us are missing out on all that life has in store for us simply because we haven’t had the support nor the information that will unlock our understanding and abilities to embrace it all. And, that’s where I can be most helpful. You’ll see!

Shawna Marie has a powerful magical energy that radiates to all whom she touches.​ She wants us to reach our highest potential and guides us to our own greatness with ease and grace.
JLove Calderón
Social Entrepreneur

Shawna Marie radiates LOVE. Her mere presence uplifts us to a higher place, a space where we remember to connect with the God within each of us. She is a bright beam of light. We need her.
Ruby Veridiano
Creative Entrepreneur


Shawna Marie  is the founder and CEO of Healing Truth Center™. A native New Yorker of Jamaican heritage, she committed herself to her personal path of spiritual discovery and healing which led to an extensive study of spiritual teachers, healers, philosophers and perspectives. She received ordinations in 2003, 2006, and 2008 and simultaneously received her Master of Social Work degree with specialized training in clinical practice in mental health and psychiatric settings. Shawna Marie is a licensed psychotherapist. She is also a life coach, alcohol and  substance use counselor, hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, and yoga instructor. With all her credentials and training Shawna Marie has one core mission in life: facilitating evolutionary living. Healing Truth Center, founded in 2007, is her primary vehicle for this mission. She uses motivational books, events and online programs as her tools.

In 2009, Shawna Marie wrote and published her first book, Prosperity NOW! In 2010, further expanding upon the teachings in her book, she began blogging and podcasting, inspiring a loyal following of constituents and clients. She also produced the Living in Spiritual Perspective Show via podcast and live streaming video, with an accompanying blog. In 2011 she completed her second book Only God. As a result of her positive impact on others, Shawna Marie has been a featured speaker at spiritual centers, churches, and women’s events. She also served as the In-House Therapist at several community events throughout New York.

Prior to becoming a published author, Shawna Marie embarked upon a full-time career as a psychotherapist in the community mental health field. She completed her master’s degree in Social Work from New York University and in 2011 she received her LCSW licensure as a Clinical Social Worker. Since then, she has done incredible work strengthening and expanding mental health clinics in lower Westchester, New York. She is respected for her extensive experience in training and supervising therapists and in mental health services administration.

Shawna Marie is a self-proclaimed “student of life.” It is her exposure to spiritual principles and practices, which began in her early childhood, that has provided a foundation for her. “As early as three years old,” she recalls, “I joined my grandfather in the middle of the night for meditations, yoga, and readings from his vast collection of books by various philosophers and spiritual writers. These early experiences—combined with my natural inquisitiveness—led me to explore and appreciate different philosophical perspectives about life and spirituality.”

Perhaps due to the types of meditations she was learning from her grandfather, Shawna Marie had a keen intuition, empathic abilities, and at times would have both premonitions and prophetic dreams which she did not speak of during her childhood or adolescent years. But after her college years at Boston University, Shawna Marie was led to a spiritual teacher through a dream. She then began her conscious path of spiritual discovery and healing which included studies in energy healing, meditation, prayer methods, metaphysics, theology, philosophy, psychology and more.

After completing training as a spiritual healing practitioner, she continued to study while pursuing formal education in the field of mental health. She summarizes her discovery of the mind and spirit as her greatest gift. She affirms that “I have come to learn that there are many paths to understanding self and the universal truths of life and living. In order to find my path and to overcome various traumas, integrating insights from the field of mental health coupled with spiritual principles and practices is what truly saved my life.”