Q & A

It’s perfectly natural to have questions about life, love, and spirituality. Surely we ALL have questions on the tips of our tongues and probably dancing around in our minds for years that we simply never ask. It’s also likely that when we have asked questions, we’ve been shut down or berated. Not here! At Healing Truth Center we encourage questions, especially questions about how we can support you. Ask us anything that can assist you in deciding whether you want to enroll in Healing Truth Center membership, events, and programs. 

Here are some questions our founder Shawna Marie has answered. If you have more, please ask!

Healing Truth Center is an organization committed to healing minds, hearts, bodies, souls and bank accounts. Our books, events, programs, and community will inspire you, cultivate and revitalize your faith, transform your relationships, provide the motivation and tools to achieve your financial freedom and open you up to spiritual principles that provide a greater sense of peace, clarity and purpose.

Healing Truth Center supports the development of individual spiritual pathways. We do not want to dictate belief sets or preach to anyone. Instead, we want our members and program participants to become very clear about what they believe and to develop a belief system that works for them. We do teach the value of cultivating love as well as peace, harmony, wisdom, confidence, a sense of purpose and emotional maturity in all aspects of life, mindful of one’s impact on others. We also teach about spiritual practices such as meditation and various prayer methods. I personally believe that beyond religious distinction and unique spiritual perspectives, we all have a purpose in life that includes soul growth, love, wisdom and power that knows no bounds. Our programs support you to experience much greater satisfaction with yourself and with your life.

After many years of seeking a sense of understanding about the meaning of life and being particularly dissatisfied with the dominant popular beliefs and teachings, I eventually began to cultivate an understanding of spiritual teachings that worked for me and made sense, too. I remember how lost I felt during the years when I had no idea as to my life purpose. I also remember how my life changed once I became grounded in spiritual principles. As a young minister I used to think to myself and laugh that “If God waited for me to go to church, we would’ve never talked.” Sermon after sermon, workshop and retreat after workshop and retreat I increasingly felt the desire to 1) go beyond bounds of religious distinction and traditions and 2) go beyond the walls of the church to meet and support others who, like me, were searching and seeking. Different from what I’ve seen in churches and spiritual centers, I didn’t want to “preach” per ce. I wanted to create a resource for others to discover their very own beliefs and spiritual paths for themselves. I wanted to create the type of freedom to explore and access spiritual teachings that I initially didn’t have. Following that inner leading to foster worldwide healing without preaching or dictating, beyond walls and religious distinction, bringing out from within each participant a full awakening of their freedom to be loved, confident, fully expressed, and live on purpose… is how Healing Truth Center came to be.

EVERYONE is welcome to participate in Healing Truth Center events, membership, and programs. All people, regardless of what your belief system or ideology is… you are welcome here. The principles and ideas that we share are not what most people would consider to be religious or unique to any one particular religious perspective. In fact, we have participants from a variety of spiritual, religious, and philosophical perspectives. 

Open minded, curious seekers of understanding about life, spirituality, love and relationships are welcome to participate in our community and programs. Anyone committed to their personal growth will appreciate what we have to offer.

Congratulations! You’ve found a great online home to begin your path. Healing Truth Center does not require any specific level of experience, training or understanding, to enjoy the community, books, classes, events, or programs. Come as you are. Explore and subscribe for our email updates.

Transformation. All Healing Truth Center programs and activities will walk you through a process of growth and evolution regarding a specific topic or aspect of life, love and spirit.

Our programs work best for souls who are committed to their self-discovery and healing, ready to transform all aspects of their lives and realize that now is the time to live up to the fullness of their potential, on purpose.

In order to expand my impact in the lives of others, I have decided to focus on providing a comprehensive array of books, events, classes, and programs. Therefore, I am not accepting clients for individual, couples, or family psychotherapy, nor coaching.